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Welcome to the official homepage for past, current, and prospective CIRs. This homepage is administered as part of the CIR Network, a worldwide network for CIRs, by CIRs. Here you will find a forum to discuss work related issues with colleagues, a library with a wealth of resources such as example presentations, and all of the back issues of the bi-monthly CIR Newsletter.

What is a CIR?

A Coordinator of International Relations (CIR) on the JET Programme resides and works in Japan. CIRs work at prefectural/municipal government offices or other organisations engaged in international exchange and their main purpose is to contribute to internationalisation efforts in Japan by engaging in a variety of grass-roots exchange activities. Precise job responsibilities vary according to the CIRs contracting organisation but they can include translation, interpreting, school visits, language classes, cultural lectures, international economic exchange projects, event planning, hosting dignitaries from overseas, and more.

About CIRs and the JET Programme

The JET Programme was established in 1987 to promote internationalisation at the local level in municipalities throughout Japan. Participants, recruited from countries all over the world, come to Japan to work as ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers), CIRs (Coordinators for International Relations), or SEAs (Sports Exchange Advisors). Although the JET Programme began with an emphasis on English education there are now ALTs who teach French, German, Chinese, and Korean.

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